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Walking is the best exercise to lose weight, control diabetes and cholesterol

Not the type to lift weights in the gym? No patience for yoga? Feel like you’ll pass out 5 seconds into running? We hear you. Walking is the best form of exercise you can take up. It’s great for people who are trying to lose weight, the elderly, diabetic or those who have heart related […]

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How to keep cholesterol in control?

We have so many questions in reference to health! We know because we constantly keep getting them on email, whatsapp and through calls! So what we have done is chosen the frequently asked questions and have Dr Nandita Shah answer them! Happy to launch the Ask Dr Nandita Shah series…. For more information

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Your Doctor Thinks You Have High Cholesterol: Here’s What to Do

Click Here to Subscribe: Get MY groceries at MY price with Thrive Market: My Website: Special Thanks to my team and Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student – for working diligently on research as well! Your Doctor Thinks You Have High Cholesterol: Here’s What to Do – […]

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How to control cholesterol naturally – Cholesterol lowering foods – Reducing cholesterol naturally

কোলেস্টেরল কমানোর উপায় , কোলেস্টেরল কমানোর উপায় – জেনে নিন কোন খাবারগুলো খেলে সহজে কমাতে পারবেন রক্তের কোলেস্টেরল, রক্তে কোলেস্টেরল কমানোর উপায়, কোলেস্টেরল কমানোর ঘরোয়া উপায়। Title: Health and Wellness – Hypertension medication – High blood pressure control – Health and fitness Speaker: Prof. Dr. Md. Toufiqur Rahman (Faruque), Professor, Dept. of Cardiology, National Institute […]

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10 High Cholesterol Foods You Must Avoid

10 High Cholesterol Foods You Must Avoid. 10 food to avoid high cholesterol. 10 Foods to Avoid High Cholesterol with detailed explanations with pictures and articles that fit the facts. please subscribe our channel.

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