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Treatment of Cholesterol By Acupressure

Hello friends.Today’s video is on the treatment of cholesterol.In earlier videos we have already discussed other aspects about cholesterol.I hope you like the video and do use the treatment shared here. #Cholesterol #Treatment #DivineCare For buying the basic acupressure kit email your address details on:- To know more about the kit watch the video:- […]

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How to keep cholesterol in control?

We have so many questions in reference to health! We know because we constantly keep getting them on email, whatsapp and through calls! So what we have done is chosen the frequently asked questions and have Dr Nandita Shah answer them! Happy to launch the Ask Dr Nandita Shah series…. For more information

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How to Manage High Cholesterol

So, you’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol, now what? Learn how some simple lifestyle changes, and sometimes medications, can help you take control of your cholesterol and live a longer, healthier life.

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Home Remedies to control your Cholesterol [HINDI]

Hello friends.In this video I have continued my take on cholesterol.I have discussed about the symptoms that start to appear in a person having high cholesterol.Also I have stated what one should do to prevent high cholesterol in first place.I have concluded this video with some home remedies which would help in controlling cholesterol. #cholesterol […]

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Treatment of Cholesterol in Hindi by Baba Ramdev Treatment of Cholesterol in Hindi by Baba Ramdev

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