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Nutrition to Improve your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

  • By: TLC Cholesterol
  • Date: January 21, 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Millions of Americans are living with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. But health experts say these numbers can greatly impact your overall health. “If you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, then you’re at a higher risk for heart attack as well as other types of chronic disease,” explained Erika Graziani, an outpatient nutrition program coordinator with Lee Health.

She says it’s important for patients to know their numbers and make healthy choices to keep them under control. “Steer away from some of the more traditional American diets, which tend to include a lot of the processed foods, things that you’re buying at restaurants, especially fast-food restaurants, and really try to prepare more meals from home.”

Eating whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables, and foods that are high in fiber can optimize your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure and protect your body from chronic disease. “Soluble fiber helps to reduce that LDL, the bad cholesterol, the potassium in those fruits and vegetables is another thing that helps to manage blood pressure,” said Graziani.

Try to limit processed foods and foods with added sugar, salt, and oils. “Even if it’s just picking out a couple of healthier side dishes to go with that entre that they normally get, that’s a step in the right direction,” she said.

Maintaining a healthy weight, regular physical activity, and a well-balanced diet can improve your numbers and lower your risk for chronic disease.

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