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Lowering ldl cholesterol | 5 fruits to lower cholesterol

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  • Date: February 3, 2020
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Lowering ldl cholesterol | 5 fruits to lower cholesterol

To include these fruits in our diet can help us a lot. They can contribute to improving our general health as well as regulating our cholesterol levels.

How can you achieve cholesterol lowering? Cholesterol is one of the chemicals that our liver produces. It is vital to our health . A good cholesterol level is very important for our well-being and inner balance.

This is important information because many people still think cholesterol is bad or harmful.

The key is the balance. It is also important not to allow bad cholesterol, or LDL, to increase.

LDL is bad because it is a chemical substance that accumulates in our arteries . It slowly hurts our health.

Also another information to remember is that our body produces cholesterol. If our body produces the right amount for us, taking cholesterol from other sources can put our body at risk .

There are several cases where we need to be careful. Some of them are to be over 40 years old or a family history of high cholesterol. In these cases we need to be careful what we eat.

In this video we want to share some information about cholesterol. We can change our lifestyle, avoid sedentary life and make our diet more colorful and tasty .

Today we will focus on our diet. And what better is the fruit to give it more flavor?

Using fruits we can balance our cholesterol levels.

1. Avocado, more than a delicious fruit.
2. Pink grapefruit, excellent for balancing cholesterol.
3. Orange juice for good cholesterol.
4. Strawberries, a healthy temptation.
5. An apple a day … reduces your cholesterol levels?…….For more watch video in detail.

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