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Is Pasta Good for Cholesterol

  • By: Zakria Maqsood
  • Date: December 9, 2020
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Is Pasta Good for Cholesterol?

If you are a pasta lover and wondering whether Pasta is good for cholesterol, then this article is going to be very beneficial for you. We have done our research and lay it out in front of you. In this article, you will get to know what cholesterol is and help you decide whether you need to give up on eating your favorite dish, e.g., Pasta. We need to look at it from several angles before we form up a final verdict.

Good news! it is a fact-checked knowledge that Pasta plays no role in increasing levels of cholesterol in our bodies. Based on research, it shows that Pasta can help with your high cholesterol problems if you choose to eat the right sort of Pasta with good ingredients in it.

Excess of everything is bad, regardless of whatever food we are talking about, so you need to keep your food intake in check. If you are going to eat more than what your body requires, you will still end up gaining fat from foods that aren’t necessarily composed of it.

Let us tell you a bit about cholesterol below.

All the Basic Information You Need to Know About Cholesterol

It is a common orthodox belief that cholesterol is bad, and that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Cholesterol is kind of a waxy substance and is produced by our body itself.

We need cholesterol in a reasonable quantity because it helps synthesize the hormones and also helps digest food.

The problem arises when we eat the sort of food or food in so much quantity that it fills our system with more cholesterol than it needs. It has wax-like nature, and exactly why it can clog arteries that lead to the heart, which is the cause of heart attack in most cases.

To lead a healthy and fit life, everyone needs to keep cholesterol levels in check because it can start a chain of other problems throughout the system as well.

What Type of Pasta is Good for Cholesterol?

Making the right choice in choosing pasta is a heart-healthy choice because while there is some pasta that can help manage levels of cholesterol, there is also pasta that can increase it substantially, which is not good at all. Lucky for you, scientific researchers have found that whole-grain pasta has a higher density of fiber, which helps reduce the cholesterol.

The other type of pasta that is not good for your health is refined pasta. It is labeled with fancy words such as ‘Enriched’, which entails that the pasta has been so much processed in the mills that it loses its fibers substantially.

To give you a simpler idea aforementioned is the number of fibers in either type of pasta.

  • One serving of whole-grain pasta has 6.3g of fiber
  • One serving of refined or enriched pasta has 2.5g of fiber

We have laid out the facts in front of you – now it is up to you to form up your diet accordingly.

According to reviews, there is no need to completely remove Pasta from your diet as long as you exercise and use control portions.

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