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Is Cheese Bad for Cholesterol

  • By: Zakria Maqsood
  • Date: December 7, 2020
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Is Cheese Bad for Cholesterol?

If you recently realized that you might have high cholesterol, it’s justified that you will start thinking about what food is going to be good or bad for you. Random questions such as Is cheese bad for cholesterol will start springing into your mind.

Balanced Diet

It is very responsible to right your ways by following a balanced diet if you do happen to run into such a problem. Even if you haven’t yet gotten any such problem, you can still benefit from this article, which helps you lead a healthy and fit life.

We will start by teaching you about what cholesterol is. It is a substance made in our bodies naturally and is essential for the proper working of our organs in our body. Our body is making cholesterol as much as is required, but our food intake is where the problem springs up.

Our food gives us way more cholesterol than we need, and our body can handle, and that’s how you end up with high cholesterol. That is why keeping a check on what you eat is essential to lead a high cholesterol free life.

You need to understand that our body is composed of different organs, and all of them have different needs to remain healthy and working properly. Excess of anything is certainly bad, and so is lack thereof. You can’t expect to get all your nutrients from a single class of food.

Meat alone should not be your single source of protein, and neither should be the greens. It is in the best of your interests to form a diet for yourself which you can follow easily as well.

Before we move on to give a verdict on whether the cheese is good or bad for cholesterol, we must learn the types of cheese and its benefits. Once we have established the advantages and disadvantages of cheese, you can decide whether you want to keep it in your diet or not.

Types of Cheese

There are several types of cheese, and they contain different amounts of cholesterol in them. To make it easy for you to differ, we have mentioned them below.

  • Mozzarella Cheese

This type of cheese has 18mg of cholesterol in it and 2.9g of saturated fat.

  • Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese consists of 26mg cholesterol with 5g of saturated fat.

  • American Cheese

American cheese takes the lead with a recorded 27mg of cholesterol with 5.6g of saturated fat.

  • Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese takes the win with a total of 30mg cholesterol with a shocking 6g saturated fat.

How to eat Cheese without any effects on cholesterol?

We hope that the above classification of cheese will give you a clear idea about what cheese has the least chances of affecting your cholesterol levels. You can also follow these few tips to keep your cholesterol in check.

  1. Watching your cheese intake carefully. Portion control is a very good and fundamental step of dieting.
  2. Be gentle and savor the taste so that the craving for eating more will substantially subside.
  3. Note down your intake so you will be able to stop yourself from taking any more than what your body needs mentally.
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