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Home Workouts for Fat Loss

  • By: Rabiyya Khan
  • Date: November 18, 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Home Workouts for Fat Loss – let’s get moving!

3 Fail-Safe Home Workouts for Quick Fat Loss

Along with diet, exercise still remains one of the proven methods for keeping your cholesterol levels in check for ideal body weight. Ever since the pandemic hit the world, at-home workouts have become popular. This article is all about what kind of home-workouts can help you lose all that stubborn fat but before we go any further, here’s a pro tip: consistency is the key when it comes to exercise.

What Kind of Workouts Work Best for Weight Loss?

Science says that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is superior to moderate-intensity continuous exercise in order to promote fat loss1. High-intensity interval training refers to short, high-intensity workout intervals alternating with periods of rest and low activity. This kind of workout routine not only helps burn more calories than a continuous workout but also increases endurance.

The trick of HIIT is to pick any sort of cardio exercise of your choice like cycling and choose a fixed time period like 15-20 minutes as per your tolerance. Start with low-level activity, move to full intensity activity for the stipulated period and gradually slow down back to low-level activity. Here are some HIIT workout routines that you can follow at home.


Start with a slight trot; break into a jog; run at full intensity for 15-20 minutes; slow back down bit by bit; and come back to a walk. You can run around the block or at a treadmill, whichever is more convenient for you.

6 step HIIT routine for cholesterol health

You can time this routine according to your endurance level or according to the number of times you do each of the steps.

  • Start by jogging in one place.
  • With your feet slightly apart, start reverse lunges on alternate sides.
  • Move on to squats, tapping each hand on the floor In between the squats.
  • On all fours, tap each of your hands to the foot of opposite side.
  • The next step is skaters. While balancing on your left leg, jump to the left. Repeat the same step to the right.
  • The last step is the forearm planks. Balance on forearms placed parallel to each other for a fixed time period.

Squat thrusts

After warm-up, repeat the following routine for 10-20 minutes with short periods of rest in0between.

  • Drop from standing position into a squat with both palms flat on the floor.
  • Kick back into a plank position.
  • Kick forwards back into a squat.
  • Go back into standing position.
  • Repeat.


  1. Abbasi J. For Fat Burning, Interval Training Beats Continuous Exercise. Jama. 2019 Jun 11;321(22):2151-2.
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