How to lower cholesterol naturally and Remove Infection From The Body

How to lower cholesterol naturally and Remove Infection From The Body

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Excess body fat greatly increases your risk of a multitude of health problems.

Like the popular adage; the bigger the waistline, the shorter the lifespan.

This is mostly caused by living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Nearly one-third of the world’s population is alarmingly either overweight or obese.

This is mainly due to urbanization; where most countries have been “Westernized,” poor diet and lack of physical activity.

Despite all the advancement in science and technology, this generation is considered to be the sickest generation.

Meaning, majority of today’s youth will become the sickest adults the world has ever seen.

It’s sad to see the statistics because being overweight and obesity is highly preventable!

But all hope is not lost.

If you’ve been awakened by your poor health condition or you know someone who does, this homemade natural syrup will greatly improve your health.

No fancy ingredients or equipment needed and it’s super easy to prepare.

You will only need parsley and lemon.

Parsley is commonly known as an herb or spice.

But aside from flavoring food or garnishing, parsley contain tons of health of benefits.

Such as antibacterial, anti-anemic, anticoagulant, antihyperlipidemic, antihepatotoxic, antihypertensive, diuretic effects, and hypoglycemic to name a few.

In Morocco, parsley is mostly used as a remedy to treat hypertension, diabetes, cardiac and renal diseases.

Parsley also contains flavonoids that help remove harmful toxins in the body.

Lemon, on the other hand, is high in vitamins B and C.

These vitamins help strengthen and care for the blood vessels in the kidneys, important in the fight against high blood pressure, and of course, they promote cleansing.

So now you see the numerous health benefits these two ingredients have.

Parsley and lemon combined promotes good circulation and help decrease cholesterol in the body.

How do you make it?


* 1 L water
* 5 Parsley sprigs
* 1 Lemon


Wash the parsley and then boil a liter of water in a pot.

Then add the parsley to the boiling water to release its cleansing properties.

Let it simmer for 10 minutes.

When the heat is off, squeeze the juice of one lemon and you’re done!

This recipe makes four glasses, so you can start with one glass in the morning on an empty stomach.

Then another after lunch, one in the middle of the afternoon, and one after dinner.

You can do this once or twice a week.

This is a classic remedy that you’ve probably heard of.

Natural home is remedies are usually effective because of the therapeutic benefits that plants provide.

But this drink is not advisable for pregnant women because of how parsley affects hormones and menstruation.

Parsley also contains tiny amounts of naturally occurring oxalates, which can be a problem for people with kidney stones or gout.

So be cautious if you have compromised kidney or gallbladder functions.

As always, combine this drink with a healthy diet and lifestyle to maximize its effectiveness.

It might also taste a bit strong but don’t forget that this concoction contains tons of vitamins and minerals that will help heal, strengthen, and nourish your body.

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